10 practices recommend from doctors to reduce the risk of heart failure in the elderly.

10 practices recommend from doctors to reduce the risk of heart failure in the elderly.

Nowadays, heart failure is not just for the elderly. But among young people with healthy, this condition can occur as well. In which heart failure is a condition of the heart that is unable to pump blood to the muscles and organs of the body enough, including unable to receive blood back into the heart normally.

Symptoms of patients with heart failure include panting, exertion, or difficulty breathing while lying down, feeling tired. Causing the ability to do daily activities and exercise to decrease edema swelling in the feet and legs, weight increase, it’s can be diagnosed by taking a medical history check assess the equilibrium of water and minerals in the body together with laboratory tests such as blood tests, urine tests, etc.

Health care in elderly patients with heart failure can be done including

  1. Take the complete prescribed medication.
  2. Control food, avoid salty foods, fermented foods to limit sodium intake.
  3. Control the amount of drinking water according to the treatment plan.
  4. Observe edema.
  5. Weigh before eating breakfast every day or after going to the toilet and excretion in the morning.
  6. Avoid stress and should get enough rest.
  7. No smoking, Alcoholic beverages, and substance abuse.
  8. Proper exercise regularly.
  9. Able to have sex If walking up the stairs 8-10 steps, then do not breathless.
  10. Should get an annual influenza vaccine in case there are no contraindications and patients should visit the doctor regularly by appointment. Due to the need to adjust the medication according to the treatment plan.

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