Caring for the elderly both physically and mentally

Elderly Take care
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The elderly will change their physical condition. Each person will change more or less unequally. Depends on the health and life of the past ages. The main purpose of caring for the elderly is to be able to live each day happily and have the freedom to live a quality life as needed. Even though the physical condition is deteriorating and their various chronic diseases.

Caring for the elderly must focus on keeping the body in the best possible condition. Together with encouraging them to participate in various activities according to the physical, mental, and time conditions, based on these 11 principles for good physical and mental health.

  1. Hobby.
    One problem of the elderly is loneliness. Because they’re not used to being alone From used to being in a society that has a lot of people for a long time. The elderly people with loneliness, if they having a hobby to do, it will help to relieve a lot of loneliness, such as joining an elderly club. Because each club will have a variety of activities such as dancing, playing music, photography, travel, professional training, etc.
  1. Hygiene.
    It is taking care of oneself. Especially trying to reduce harmful things to their health such as cigarettes, alcohol, and various risky behaviors. Including observing the functions of various organs in the body such as excretion, etc. and should be checked annually.
  1. Food.
    For the elderly, energy requirements will be reduced. While the need for various nutrients which still close to adulthood. Therefore, the elderly should reduce fatty foods. (Animal and vegetable oil, egg yolks, butter) and carbohydrates (rice, flour, and sugar), should get protein foods or a group of meat about 50-60 grams per day or about 2 tablespoons. The best are foods made from fish and should eat a lot of vegetables. Choose to eat fruit that is not very sweet. Choose foods that are “not sugary, not salty.” Add more calcium-rich foods. To slow down the bone deterioration, add natural fiber to the digestive system as normal, and must drink water to help with the circulatory system.
  1. Weather.
    The elderly should be in a place that has a suitable natural environment with fresh air.
  1. Exercise.
    The elderly should exercise about 3-4 times a week to make the body more agile and strong. Which will improve balance and movement, not easy to fall.
  1. Accidents.
    The accidents in the elderly are often caused by the deterioration of the body such as not clearly visible, ears cannot hear, poor balance or neurological system causes to fall easily. Therefore need to organize the home environment in order, have a well-lit, make the floor is not too slippery, and support equipment when needed.
  1. Receive solar light.
    Getting a little sunshine In the morning, at least 30 minutes a day will get vitamin D. That helps the elderly to absorb calcium and phosphorus. It’ also can delay the occurrence of osteoporosis. In addition, vitamin D helps prevent depressive disorders. Prostate cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, etc.
  1. Mood.
    The elderly are often changed easily. Easily irritated causing a lack of consciousness in considering the reason. Therefore the elderly have to find ways to help control their emotions. There are many methods, such as exercise, meditation to make endorphins.
  1. Warmth.
    For the elderly who practice meditation will make a good mood smile, not irritable, love yourself more and more pay attention to the feelings of those around them. Make it beloved from children.
  1. Excretion.
    Excretion problems are another matter of the elderly that should pay attention. Because some people may have difficulty making excretion. The other organ part may have problems with not holding the bowel. Each problem must be taken care of, resolved according to the cause, and prevented by exercising, eating more vegetables, fruits, and drinking enough water to meet the needs of the body.
  1. The future.
    Planning for the future of life after retirement is important, such as saving with a trusted organization. Practice learning about death, which will help adjust the attitude of living carelessly. Training the mind to create an atmosphere of peace and learning to release from the burden of the mind.

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