Daytime sleep has more health benefits than you think.

Daytime sleep has more health benefits than you think.

Sleeping in the daytime is another thing that helps energize your body when you feel tired. Have trouble sleeping or not getting enough sleep at night and also has many benefits to the body. But if you sleep at the wrong time or sleep for too long, it may have the opposite effect. Now let’s see how… should sleep during the day to maximize the health benefits.

Benefits from daytime sleep for the elderly.

A daytime nap may benefit healthy adult people. It may help the body relax. Relieve fatigue, Increased alertness, Improves mood, memory, performance, and responsiveness. Some studies and research have pointed out the benefits of daytime sleep.

  • Some experts believe that sleeping for 30 minutes may help relieve stress and help the body’s immune system work better.
  • Said the expert, Resting or simply lying still while not sleeping may improve your mood.
  • People who sleep in daytime for 45-60 minutes may experience a drop in blood pressure after experiencing mental stress.
  • It may make it easier for the brain to connect to what is learned.
  • The brain may memorize what it learns well. Including memorizing words, A good perception of things or movement skills.
  • It may help to maintain a better work efficiency.
  • In the elderly, a nap from one o’clock to 3 o’clock in the afternoon for 30 minutes, along with proper exercise like walking or stretching in the evening. May help to sleep better at night It may also lead to better mental and physical health.
  • Sleeping for 60-90 minutes will put the body into light sleep or REM sleep, which may stimulate the brain, imagination and dreams. As a result, they are more creative and able to think better in finding solutions to various matters.
  • Daytime sleep is essential to learning and development of preschoolers. Because children at this age have limited ability to remember. It was found that children who sleep regularly during the day can better remember what they learn.

Besides, taking a nap may improve memory and learning efficiency compared to consuming caffeinated beverages or foods.

How to get sleep?
Daytime nap To get the most benefit, The technique may be as follows.

  • May wear an eye mask or earplug while sleeping to help sleep during the day effectively.
  • Not eating before going to bed Because the body normally digests food while standing or sitting. If possible, eat at least 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  • Set an alarm for bedtime They may sleep for 10-30 minutes or as appropriate and their health conditions.
  • Should lie on your back, take off your shoes and loosen your belt before going to bed.
  • Sleep in a relaxed environment like a dark room, little distraction, no phone calls, noise or crowded people Have the right room temperature. Also, make sure that the place is safe for life and property.
  • After waking up Should go out for a walk in the sun to set the clock of life again and you should keep your body awake before returning to other activities, especially those that require a sudden response.
  • Do not sleep after 3 PM as it may decrease the urge to sleep during the night. The best time for a daytime nap is at 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. This is the time when people tend to feel sleepy after eating lunch and have a decreased alertness. Also, sleeping during this time is less disturbing to sleep during the night. However, each person may have a suitable time to sleep during the day, depending on their bedtime schedule and sleep needs.

Possible consequences from daytime sleep
Even though taking a nap during the day will benefit the body But in some cases, it can also be harmful. In which if daytime sleep for too long. After waking up, you will feel more drowsy and the longer it takes for the body to be awake and ready to return to work. In addition, if regular daytime sleeps may make insomnia worse or causing poor sleep during the night.

However, if you feel unusually sleepy during the day, Should see a doctor for advice Because such symptoms may be caused by taking certain medications Sleep disorders or other health problems as well.

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