Exercises in menopausal women.

Exercises in menopausal women.

When to go shopping each time. You’ve probably found that older women walk with a stable, even if you’re carrying 10 pounds of stuff, you can’t carry it all the way. So, are you in this group? It’s a matter of revisiting yourself.

Someday we will have to live and be self-reliant. How should we prepare? We should start to be aware of these things from an early age.

The studies have shown that in women, at the age of 35 or older It loses one-third of the muscle a year or 1-2 pounds. They will also increase fat by an average of one-third of the pound a year. Even if you control your body weight well, your waistline will expand. The hips are expanded, while the energy metabolism decreases. Fat cells consume less energy than muscle cells. This can reduce what’s happening with exercise.

But this exercise isn’t aerobic or jogging or swimming. It’s an exercise called Strength Training, which Is an exercise by “lifting weights”. At least you’ll need to lift weights or exercise each muscle twice a week. Each time, it is necessary to lift weights about 8-12 times. The weight you choose must be enough to make you feel tired or almost unbearable 10-12 times.

The report was published in the journal, Among the swimmers. A runner at the age of 70. If he doesn’t lift weights, he’ll have the same muscle volume as a 70-year-old who doesn’t exercise. But the 70-year-old group has lifted weights twice a week for at least 10 years. There will be as much muscle as a 28-year-old.

So, ladies, you’re afraid of lifting weights because afraid of muscles are too big. You’re going to have to look at it again. The important thing is that even if you lift weights, play muscle the right way. Losing muscle after menopause also seems to be inevitable. Lifting weights is a way to maintain muscle and lost elasticity.

At the age of 40, maintaining the balance of the body will be more difficult to make the muscles unhealthy, which makes your legs can’t moving steadily. You will be prone to easily falling. And if it’s just a fall, it’s going to be okay. But if you have osteoporosis, it will make it easier to break bones.

That doesn’t mean that older women need to have osteoporosis at all. If you know how to protect it early with weight-resistance exercises or weightlifting, you’ll be able to prevent it early. Along with eating foods that contain enough calcium minerals. The research showed that women aged 50-70 who lift weights twice a week for a year, it can increase bone density by 1%.

While people who do not lift weights at all lose 2% of bone density in a year. So it’s a good way to exercise, but not start exercising at menopause. It should start at the age of 30. To accumulate bone density, and make it slows down as you get older.

But exercise helps our body with a build-up of calcium in the bones and a good bone density. It should be an exercise that has resistance to the bone, such as weight lifting. If you swim, there will be no bone resistance, so you won’t accumulate bone density. for the simple way, you just have to jump and slap on it for 2 minutes a day. It can accelerate the process of collecting bone density.

In addition, aerobic exercises such as a 45-minute walk. or jogging, swimming, cycling at least 15-30 minutes a week 3 times a week helps strengthen the heart and lungs. It is important to practice regularly. For women with health problems, consult your doctor about posture and how to exercise.

Benefits of Exercise

  1. Helps prevent osteoporosis
  2. Helps regulate cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.
  3. Strengthens the heart and lungs.

How to live a quality of life and happiness.

  1. See your doctor for internal and breast examination every year.
  2. Avoid high-fat foods
  3. Eat foods with a lot of calcium.
  4. Exercise at least 3 times a week.
  5. Start taking hormone replacement therapy when there are indications.

As a result, women who start in their 30s turn to exercise by adding weightlifting a few times a week for good shape and health.

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