Exercising just a little a day helps the elderly get away from the illness.

Exercising just a little a day helps the elderly get away from the illness.

Diseaselessness is what everyone desires for long life. To see that each person is trying to find a way to prolong their lives. Sometimes it’s costly, but sometimes it doesn’t work for the body. Today we will talk about simple ways to help older people live longer and happily without spending a lot of money, that’s “Exercise.

Exercise in the elderly can be done in a variety of ways. For example, exercise by twisting the torso, neck, waist, and joints, Chinese boxing dance, Tai Chi. This includes exercising using equipment such as weightlifting. It also includes aerobic exercise, fast walking, swimming, etc.

Many people still don’t know well about the value of exercise. The truth is, exercise is comparable to magic pills that help the sick to improve and help prevent diseases. Experts say that if the value of exercise can be packaged into tablets, It’s going to be the most popular drug in the world.

Today, many research shows that regular exercise strengthens muscles, reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Those who exercise regularly, the heart muscle stiffens. This makes it possible to pump blood into every part of the body. As for people who don’t exercise, The heart muscle squeezes only gently.

This causes less blood to feed the brain and body, poor blood pressure adjustment, making dizziness easy. According to the research, the non-exercise group had more heart disease than the group who exercised.

You may be wondering how to exercise which will produce good results.

Exercise provides a real benefit to that health, you must exercise daily or at least 3-5 days a week and each exercise. It’s going to take at least half an hour continuously. A simple way to observe yourself is to exercise until you have heavy breathing, If you catch a pulse, you’ll find that the pulse beats faster.

For older people who are starting to be interested in exercise, don’t overdo it in the early stages, It’s going to take a while to get used to it, then increase the load and duration of the exercise for longer.

Older people who exercise regularly will not feel tired when walking, running, or up and down the stairs. It was originally believed that only heavy exercise can result in improved functioning of the body’s organs.

But researchers have now discovered that even light or moderate exercises, for example, walking, up and downstairs, stretching, even doing homework, gardening farming to work out, can give health benefits.

But don’t forget the key: Must do that activity keeps the bones and muscles moving in the right posture at least half an hour at a time and you have to exercise every day regularly.

The research also found that even exercising for 10 to 15 minutes continuously or exercising until you feel a little panting and the heart beats faster, it is included at least half an hour a day and can be made every day. It can also result in a healthy body. This new knowledge will be good news for all of you especially the elderly or the patient to be encouraged to exercise for health.

What’s more, it is reported that regular exercise helps to keep the bones strong, not break easily. Prevents constipation, reduces the stress of the nervous system, improves sleep, fewer stomach ulcers, improved memory.

The good news for the elderly is that the researchers found that even in the very elderly group, regular exercise can keep your body healthy and perform daily routines such as bathing, put on clothes, and eat will better on your own. One of the reasons for the lack of stamina, the shaking hands, because the muscles aren’t exercising this makes the muscles weak and low in power.

We’ll notice which muscles are workout, which are big and strong. I would like to invite you to start exercising today and set a goal to make it every day. You’ll live a long, happy life, no illnesses, do not rely on others to carry out their daily routines when you are old.

For those who can’t find time to exercise in particular, it can be inserted into the exercise with the routine, like walking farther and faster. Walking up and down the stairs at work, instead of using an elevator.

Do not let your body deteriorate over time without taking care of yourself. Exercise can help. It also helps the nation save money, because every year, The state has lost a huge budget for medical care people with preventable diseases.

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