Food care for the elderly.

Elderly cooking

Food is essential to life. It is important to create the health of the body, mind, and development of the brain, as a component of the body, to repair the worn part and be the energy of life. However, if the body receives fewer nutrients than needs, it will have a negative effect, such as physical exhaustion, lower body immunity then the illness can be severe and fatal.

Those who are at risk of getting less food than their body needs, that is the elderly, due to deteriorating body changes, That’s why the caregiver should ensure that the elderly are adequately and appropriately fed. Therefore, the best practices for providing food to the elderly are as follow:

1. The elderly should participate in the choice of food items without harming the condition of the elderly and must have sufficient and nutritional content in its entirety.

2. Places where the elderly eats, should eat should be clean, free of distractions, such as stench, well-lit, and well-ventilated. Besides, the container used should be beautiful, clean, finely cooked, colored, good smell, and texture. Serve the food at a modest temperature and on time when it’s time to eat.

3. The cleanliness of the elderly body should be taken care of before eating, especially hands, mouth, and teeth to stimulate the appetite. The clothes are not too tight. For the elderly who need dentures to chew food, it is necessary to take care of the cleaning and proper replacement of the dentures ready to use.

4. Pose the elderly in a leaning position or raise your head high so that it can be easily swallowed. Prevent choking by arranging it comfortably and slightly bent head. Do not look up far away because it may cause food to fall into the bronchi.

5. Notifying food items for the elderly to stimulate the appetite and explain to understand the need for eating food or some people has to eat only the specific food-related to disease which may not taste good.

6. If the elderly have anxiety, It is recommended to divert attention to other things. Because these mental conditions can cause the poor stomach and intestinal function, have anorexia. The elderly is given less food than their needs, should be friendly and encouraging keep an eye on and listen to various problems with interest. If the elderly have pain, The caregiver should give painkillers and arrange to eat when the pain has subsided.

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