How to eat and keep away from aging diseases?

How to eat and keep away from aging diseases

Keeping healthy from childhood to adulthood. In the future, it makes you be a healthy elderly person. Be able to help yourself. To benefit the family and society. But if you’re not taking care of yourself properly, The result is that adults live long but unhealthy lives. There are diseases caused by degenerative diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension. Ischemic heart disease, thin bones, easily broken, cancer, etc.

The dietary needs of the elderly are still in the criteria that should be given to all 5 nutrients. But as you get older, Digestive System Bowel function may be deteriorating. Therefore, the elderly should limit the amount of carbohydrates and fats. It is also advisable to eat foods that are easy to digest, not salty, or too sweet.

As you get older, The rate of body movement is reduced. Obesity is easier to achieve. Also, when the digestive system is not functioning properly, Therefore, it is necessary to help the digestive system of the body. By choosing to eat only the easy to digest. For example, fish proteins, eggs, whole grain flours do not go through the abrasive process.

Add a fiber from fruits and vegetables with low sugar, easy to digest, such as dragon glass, orange, apple, grape, etc.

Consumption of healthy food, both present, and future. It is necessary to know the nutritional value of food. It is also a firm determination to consume health rather than eat as you like. The principle is to choose foods that are useful, nutritious, economical, and safe from all toxins. Food should be selected in a variety of categories. The main principles are as follows:

  1. Meat
    A food source that provides good quality protein and low fat, such as fish meat. Both freshwater fish should be consumed, which are easy to find locally and sea fish, which provide iodine to prevent coping. And deep-sea fish such as mackerel, It contains omega-3 fatty acids. This prevents and reduces the risk of angina or blockage and causes ischemic heart disease. This includes the subsequent ischemic brain, along with the consumption of other fatty meats such as chicken tenderloin, pork tenderloin.
  1. Vegetables
    Choose leafy vegetables and dark green greens such as Cantonese kale, dark orange vegetables (high in beta-carotene) such as ripe tomatoes, carrot. Choose vegetables that you know do not use pesticides, such as soft kale. Vegetable foods have a lot of fiber to help prevent hemorrhoids and colon cancer.
  1. Various dried bean seeds
    For example, soybean, red bean, green beans, a type that contains a lot of fiber. Postmenopausal women should drink 1-2 glasses of soy milk a day. Because soy milk contains a substance that reduces cholesterol and slows down the development of thin bones in the elderly.
  1. Fruits
    The elderly will get benefit from vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Especially fresh fruits with orange, such as ripe papaya, or eat fresh seasonal fruits such as oranges, pineapples, guava, etc.
  1. Milk
    Children need to drink a lot of milk for bone growth. At the same time, it is best to drink as reserve calcium in the bone. Because as you get older, even Calcium is naturally removed from the bone. But the bones also contain calcium and are dense enough to prevent brittle bones from breaking easily when the elderly fall. At the same time, in adulthood, you need to drink milk to maintain the firmness of the bones until they reach old age. If able to do this, modern adults can digest the sugar in milk. because milk has stimulated the presence of lactate enzymes, it can make the elderly don’t drink curd in old age.
  1. Rice
    It should be rice that does not undergo the abrasive process. It is given fiber and vitamins that prevent suppositories rather than white rice.
  1. Fat
    Choose the best fat, the most economical is soybean oil with rice bran oil in cooking. To prevent hyperlipidemia, this can lead to heart or brain ischemic stroke and should be consumed less.

How to reduce the risk of cancer.

  1. Eat clean and non-contaminated food.
  2. Avoid foods that may contain fungus such as peanuts, rice, onions, dried chilies. If a black fungus is found, discard it immediately.
  3. Eat fresh, clean, and non-toxic fruits and vegetables, it helps the body get fiber and antioxidants.
  4. Refrain or reduce toasted, fried, or grilled food with smoke and scorched foods such as grilled meat, grilled chicken.
  5. Avoid salty and fatty foods.
  6. Do not eat too hot.
  7. Be careful not to make constipation.
  8. No smoking
  9. Keep your mind comfortable, relieve stress.

How to reduce the risk of high blood pressure The key is:

  1. Reduce the consumption of salty foods, which will also help prevent stomach cancer.
  2. Refrain from salted pickled foods such as salted fish, salted eggs. All kinds of salted pickled fruits and vegetables
  3. Reduce the consumption of foods with a lot of salt.
  4. Refrain from flavorings such as soup cubes, powdered soups, and MSG or seasoning powders that are added in the instant noodle sachet.
  5. When seasoning food with salt, fish sauce, salty sauces should be used in small quantities.

How to reduce the risk of thin bone disease in the elderly.
Some orthopedic diseases are usually caused by postmenopausal women. The spine is bent and easily broken when falling or being hit hard. There are ways to prevent this:

  1. Milk and exercise should be started from childhood, teens, and continues until the elderly.
  2. Eat according to nutrition.
  3. Outdoor exercises with bone-weighting methods such as regular walking

It can be seen that the practice of consumption to prevent diseases caused by degenerative diseases in the elderly body, such as heart disease, ischemic heart disease, high blood pressure, thin bones, and cancer. It’s about getting to know the five main foods. The intention is to consume to prevent the disease. It should be done from today and forever until old age. Don’t wait for the age at which degenerative diseases come to an end, as it may be too late. We can slow down and prevent disease.

So every time you choose to eat, You must always realize that you will choose a good diet for the present and prevent the dangers of degenerative diseases that often occur in the future.

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