How to make the brain not deteriorate in the elderly?

How to make the brain not deteriorate in the elderly

People tend to understand that forgetfulness. It’s something that’s coupled with the elderly. It also seems to be commonly accepted that as you get older, Our brains are less functional. Even scientific studies agree.
However, it is not a stereotype that all elderly people must have dementia or are easily forgotten.

A noticeable example is many adults who still have a sharp brain, a great idea, and a useful comment. Many of you want to know what the characteristics and symptoms are called dementia, unlike age-old forgetfulness and how to prevent it from slowing down aging.

Dementia is a syndrome that consists of the function of the brain deteriorate several times at the same time. The symptoms are often gradual and increasing, causing the patient to lose their job, socializing, finally, it is no longer possible to complete a routine and self-help. If it is not corrected or treated properly.

This dementia syndrome usually begins at the age of 50 – 60 years old and more common as they age. According to statistics from western countries, 5 percent of the population aged 65 and over has the disease and the incidence of the disease increased to 20% of the population over the age of 80.

For this syndrome, dementia usually begins with forgetfulness, which is often the natural forgetfulness of the elderly, such as asking something repeatedly despite saying many times, because they don’t remember the answer. Forget valuables, don’t know where to store them, accuse others of stealing, etc. The next phase of forgetfulness is greater, such as forgetting to eat rice, remembering relatives or friends.

Other symptoms of this disease include language use, can’t imagine the right words, make mistakes or inappropriate decisions, personality changes ดrom being a clean person, became a dirty man. Don’t care about yourself.

Some patients also have psychotic-like symptoms such as hallucinations, rampage, bashing others, walking around aimlessly. Sometimes accidentally walk out of the house and can’t go home, etc.
as mentioned above. Symptoms of early-onset dementia often occur slowly, gradually.

Therefore, it can be a problem for the elderly, which is easily forgotten by age and worry about whether they have dementia. The answer to this problem is that forgetfulness in dementia is generally more than just a natural forgetfulness of the elderly and is increasing as time passes until the elderly lose their jobs, social and daily routine, While forgetfulness by age will not increase and it does not cause problems in the daily lives of the elderly.

The symptoms of forgetfulness caused by age-related deterioration in the elderly can make it slow down. In this article, we will offer the following techniques for improving memory as a way for the elderly to apply in everyday life:

1. Preventing dementia is as follows:

-Avoid buying the drug yourself because many medications have side effects on the brain and do not take sleeping pills on a nightly basis.

– Avoid binge drinking and all alcoholic beverages. If you have forgotten symptoms.

-Beware of stroke risk factors, including avoiding high-fat, sweet and salty foods.

-Try to exercise for the elderly, such as walking, tai chi, etc. regularly.

-Make annual health every year because you are older, often at risk of developing high blood pressure. Diabetes, hyperlipidemia, etc. If the disease is found, the doctor’s instructions must be followed strictly and the drug is continuously taken.

-If you find that you have an unusually large onset or have any indication of dementia, consult a doctor for immediate treatment.

2. Avoid stress.

As stress causes a lack of concentration to remember things, keep your mind clear, exercise, and find the hobbies you like to do in your spare time.

3. Use different methods to easily solve forgetfulness:

-If you’re focused on doing something, don’t be distracted, even if things are disturbing, pay attention to it, and then pay attention to other things.

-If you have a habit of forgetting, try to create an image of it, tied to something near you that you will never forget. Every time you see something near yourself, you’ll think of something you like to forget.

-Use reminders such as stopwatch when you leave things on the stove or use the oven. Use a logbook to save appointments, etc.

-If you’re a drifter, You’ll need to check if you forget to lock your car. Forgot to put on a window bolt, do something consciously, visualize appointments, etc.

-For those who like to leave things and forget where to leave them, try to keep things tidy.

-If that is very important, it should be repeatedly checked every time to prevent mistakes.

The most important thing to prevent forgetfulness of the elderly is not to stress about memory or forgetfulness too much, because the more stressful you will forget, the more you forget. Think of it as a little forgetfulness, a commonplace in life.

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