Natural treatment for enlarged prostate cancer

Natural treatment for enlarged prostate cancer

Treatment for enlarged prostate cancer. There are many ways, Eating is part that may be able to help. By beliefs, with the Eastern treatment. These recommended diets are diverse and easy to find according to the season, You can choose to eat as we can find it easily.

  1. Take 3 lycopene tablets or 2 gac oil tablets after every meal.
  2. Take 3 perilla tablets after every meal.
  3. Drink fermented green tea instead of water and brew with plain water.
  4. Drink vinegar fermented from longan, banana tea, and 1 glass of honey with water 1:10 before every meal.
  5. Try to reduce or skip the meat. Animal products Grilled, fried, baked food
  6. Eat whole grains such as black rice, soybeans, sesame seeds, black sesame seeds.
  7. Eat therapeutic vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, gourd, bitter gourd, spinach, red morning glory, and other seasonal vegetables.
  8. Eat healing fruits such as amla, pomegranate, mango, mulberry, longan, and banana. While eating a variety of fruits.
  9. Eat mushrooms for medicinal purposes such as baked mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, black ear mushrooms, and others every day.
  10. Get a variety of nuts such as soybeans, peanuts, green beans, black beans, red beans, pistachios.
  11. Drink juice for treatment such as gac juice, black longan, butterfly pea, ginger, lemon, and okra mulberry.
  12. Eat honey, longan, bee pollen, and yogurt.
  13. Turn the pillow into a pillow filled with tea leaves.
  14. Light exercise for 1 hour in a row, such as walking, swimming, or gardening.
  15. Change the mattress to contain cotton wool.
  16. Change drinking water to natural water or mineral water.
  17. Make the bedroom a dark room and the head bunk to the north And horizontal along the north-south line
  18. Abstain from antibiotics, stress, alcohol, and food contaminated with pesticides.
  19. Eat 1 clove of garlic after every meal.
  20. Walk in the forest without a mobile phone.
  21. Take a natural shower from time to time, such as a waterfall, sea, clean stream.
  22. Apply perilla oil all over the body every day, leaving it for 1 hour and then showering, if not, 3 days a time.
  23. Eat a variety and not much at a time Do not give too full, may be divided into 5-6 meals.
  24. Drink 1 cup of black coffee and honey in the morning.
  25. Drink 1 cup of black cocoa in the afternoon.

Using nature for the treatment of enlarged prostate cancer Using these foods is believed to be an alternative treatment from the East.
More importantly, patients should still use modern medicine in their treatment. For the best treatment efficiency.

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