Oral Health of the Elderly

Oral Health of the Elderly

There are interesting statistics of the population in the United States. There are more and more elderly people. In 1900, 4% of the elderly were over 65. In 2000, the increase was 13%. And it is expected to increase by 2050 to 21.8%.

Medicine has progressed. Health care is even better. The elderly are health-conscious in every part of the body to make it more active and effective.

Oral health and teeth also change as they age. If chewing is good, digestion is good too. Oral Health, there are many things to take special care for, to get on with the changes that come with age.

Caries, Characteristics of tooth decay in the elderly, it is found very much in the root canal and there are shortened gums. This makes the root canal more exposed to food stains. If you clean your teeth badly, they will more decay. As well as having less saliva. Use of certain medications or receiving radiation To treat cancer, it contributes to more cavities. Therefore, keep your teeth clean.

Tooth erosion, corrosion, tooth wear are often difficult to observe. Because of the white teeth, the wear will blend in with the teeth. But if there’s sensitivity, that’s a sign that the teeth are worn out. Older people have been using teeth for more than 50 to 60 years. There will be a loss of tooth texture from teeth brushing. Especially if the bristles are hard, it will damage the dentin.

Gingivitis is caused by food stains accumulating along the edges of the gums and teeth causes inflammation. In the elderly, the tissue around the teeth and bones around them was more destructive than the younger.

Therefore, keep your teeth clean from food stains that keep your teeth and gums clean. But in special patients who can’t take care of themselves, such as paralysis, choosing an electric toothbrush may help a lot.

Denture Care, In people who use dentures, especially firmly attached. It is essential to maintain strict cleanliness. Because food residues trapped under the base of dentures can cause problems with the main teeth, causing decay or gingivitis. Brushing your teeth is not enough. Therefore, it is important to use floss to clean it.

Removable dentures are easier to care for than firmer type. But the elderly who refused to remove their dentures soaked in bedtime. They wear dentures all the time, so the gums don’t rest. And the remnants of food that are left behind make it easier for the rest of the teeth to decay.

For those with a personality disorder, Most elderly people have diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, Heart disease, kidney disease, etc., which require regular medication. Therefore, when going to the dentist, you need to tell your dentist about your condition to make extra careful of safety. Because those drugs can affect teething. For example, some people take anti-clogging drugs. Anticoagulant drugs make it difficult to stop bleeding.

Therefore, the elderly should take good care of their teeth for longer life. Maintain health for a better life.

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