Choosing supplements for the elderly.

Elderly Eat food with nutrition
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One of the most common problems in the elderly is the consumption of food less, not enough to meet the needs of energy and nutrients per day. This increases the risk of malnutrition. Using medical food is one of the ways to help older people get more essential energy and nutrients.

What is medical food?
Medical food is a type of food developed for oral consumption or nasogastric tube feeding under the guidance and care of the doctor. These foods have the right proportion of nutrients and are fully vitamin and mineralized. It can be used as a substitute for common foods for those who cannot consume oral food (or nasogastric tube feeding) or insufficient oral food consumption.

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Prevention of senile dementia. Let’s exercise the brain to make the elderly far from Alzheimer’s disease.

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Scientists have found that seniors over 60 years of age risk dementia. Suggesting screening for Alzheimer’s disease and make brain exercise to keep away far from Alzheimer’s disease.

The Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) has announced that September 21st of every year is World Alzheimer’s Day. Alzheimer’s disease is the number one cause of senile dementia in the elderly. Approximately 68 seconds will increase 1 Alzheimer’s disease patient in the world. The research has shown that 10 percent of older people aged 60 and over have dementia. It can be seen that this disease is a growing problem.

Especially around the world who is stepping into an aging society. Make it more likely to be found this decease. When a family member has dementia, it is a big deal. Because this disease cannot be cured. Taking care of patients is not an easy task, it is necessary to have knowledge and understanding. To provide patients with appropriate care And have a good quality of life.

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The elderly who want to join the running festival must know to prepare the body.

Elderly running

Trends in running for health are hot. Therefore making young people or even the elderly to exercise by running more.

But because the physical characteristics of the elderly are quite limited, therefore, if the elderly want to start to run for general health or begin to run for charity, to have fun with friends of the same age or even with children, there is information from running expert on the physical preparation of elderly people before exercise by running as follows.

  1. Must check the body is suitable for running.
    Which methods of observing yourself suitable for running are as follows
  • Must check if you are too fat or not. Because people with such physical conditions may have to support excess weight. Which can affect various bone joints, which may cause joint pain after running.
  • Must check how well you can walk normally, if walking aggressively this will make running a breeze. In short, you can work out with running. Because if you can walk normally You can run or choose to strengthen your body with running for the best health.
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Healthy snacks for the elderly.

Snacks and Elderly
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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, most of the elderly now have to live in their homes. Even though he didn’t go anywhere, but it’s a special time to spend most of your time with the family. Causing food matters to pay special attention because staying at home may cause the body to move less that’s make a low metabolism. Therefore the elderly should avoid high energy foods because it can cause the fat in the body.

In this article, we will introduce 4 snacks that elderly people should have at home, and there are easy to buy, helps strengthen the immune system which can be modified into various types of food, can invite all members of the house to create a special menu as well.
  1. Almonds, full of nutritional value.
    Nuts are considered one of the most nutritious legumes. Rich in good fats such as high unsaturated fatty acids which helps to lower cholesterol levels and control blood sugar levels. Reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes in the elderly, and can help prevent abnormalities in the nervous system and brain. Besides, it is also rich in vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium helps to fight free radicals in the body and contributes to the prevention of osteoporosis as well. But since it is a high energy food, the elderly should not eat more than 20 seeds a day to get proper energy.
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LDL, Sodium, and Sugar causes aging

Elderly Food
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Food is the main factor that helps us to live. Because the body will receive energy and various nutrients from the food that gets into the body. For the elderly which is during the age of 60 years and there is a need for energy to decrease compared to adults due to less muscle mass, have a lower metabolic rate than before, but the need for other nutrients Including vitamins and minerals has not decreased.
It is important to consider the quality of the food by focusing on eating foods that are low in energy but complete with nutrients.

Many elderly people are accustomed to eating as much as they like when they were not yet old. Most of the food is high in LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) sugar and sodium. Causes more energy than is necessary can cause health problems as a consequence. Let’s get to know the LDL, sugar, and sodium that are present in any type of food, How to hurt health including recommendations for choosing good food in order to remain a healthy elderly throughout.

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Medical food, Elderly health trend on nutrition.

Elderly with Doctor
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The problem of anorexia and eating less is a common problem found in the elderly. Although changing various methods to encourage the elderly to eat more and more. But if this anorexia persists for a long time, it makes the elderly at risk of receiving insufficient nutrients and can make the cause of malnutrition.

In addition, it slows down recovery from various diseases, including various illnesses, which can worsen. When evaluating the nutritional status, consideration may be given to using medical food to restore and reduce the risk of malnutrition.

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Sarcopenia in the elderly.

Sarcopenia, Elderly Exercise
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Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass and muscle strength. Which is a leading cause of muscle mass loss, commonly found in the elderly. The mechanisms which related to the occurrence of low muscle mass are many things, including:

• Responding to exercise to build muscle as we age.
• Reduced hormone.
• Protein production, Protein breakdown.
• Nervous system function.
• Fat in muscles.
• Malnutrition, especially protein.
• Inflammatory reactions.

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Protein deficiency in the elderly

Elderly Meal
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Protein is present in many foods. Especially meat, milk, and eggs, which are the main food sources that provide protein. The elderly will have difficulty chewing meat which is tough and hard to chew.

Therefore the elderly often avoid eating meat. Resulting in decreased meat consumption. Therefore they have the opportunity to get less protein as well if the elderly do not regularly consume other protein sources such as eggs, milk or tofu, the protein intake that the elderly tend to decrease, and in some people, it may not be enough which affect the work of the body in many ways especially the strength of the muscles, and maybe get loss of muscle mass and decreased function of the immune system in elderly.

From Naturally condition, the body of the elderly will have atrophy of the muscles with age. But if they eating insufficient protein and has a negative protein balance in the body including having reduced physical activity and exercise will make the rate of muscle atrophy tends to be faster. It’s also causing the ability to use everyday life rapidly.

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Caring for the elderly both physically and mentally

Elderly Take care
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The elderly will change their physical condition. Each person will change more or less unequally. Depends on the health and life of the past ages. The main purpose of caring for the elderly is to be able to live each day happily and have the freedom to live a quality life as needed. Even though the physical condition is deteriorating and their various chronic diseases.

Caring for the elderly must focus on keeping the body in the best possible condition. Together with encouraging them to participate in various activities according to the physical, mental, and time conditions, based on these 11 principles for good physical and mental health.

  1. Hobby.
    One problem of the elderly is loneliness. Because they’re not used to being alone From used to being in a society that has a lot of people for a long time. The elderly people with loneliness, if they having a hobby to do, it will help to relieve a lot of loneliness, such as joining an elderly club. Because each club will have a variety of activities such as dancing, playing music, photography, travel, professional training, etc.
  1. Hygiene.
    It is taking care of oneself. Especially trying to reduce harmful things to their health such as cigarettes, alcohol, and various risky behaviors. Including observing the functions of various organs in the body such as excretion, etc. and should be checked annually.
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The elderly are at risk of malnutrition.

Elderly Eat

The demand for food in each age group will vary. Often, the elderly eat less than usual. Family members often understand that it is normal for the elderly to have physical degeneration. This misunderstanding is a starting point that may cause the elderly to be overlooked about the importance of nutrition, which results in malnutrition. Important causes that cause nutritional deficiencies in the elderly are

  1. Changes in the gastrointestinal system that function as it decreases with increasing age, including
  • The tooth is lost; therefore, it is necessary to wear dentures that make inconvenience in chewing food.
  • Salivary glands produce reduced saliva. Resulting in worse digestion, especially starchy foods.
  • With a dry tongue mouth, Reduced taste perception because the taste buds have decreased.
    The above issue causes the elderly to become more anorexic. Together with decreased gastric acid secretion, therefore, remaining in the stomach for longer, therefore the elderly feel less hungry.
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