Prevention of Alzheimer’s dementia in the elderly

Prevention of Alzheimer's dementia in the elderly

In the United States, there are at least 5 million people with Alzheimer’s, which is likely to increase.

As long as a person’s life expectancy lasts about 5- 10% of people aged 65, there are symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and more than 25% of people aged over 85. And it’s more likely to be found in women than men. It is assumed that it is associated with changes in estrogen in women.

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s are evident in memory disorders and learning that are worse. That is, forget about the finished thing, lost time, don’t remember the way. If you have a lot of symptoms, you may not remember your name, can’t remember simple methods such as wearing clothes. There is an emotional change, irritability, aggression, and not sleeping at night. If the symptoms are severe, they can no longer help themselves, such as not eating, can’t speak a sentence, won’t walk, or even can’t hold the urine.

Alzheimer’s causes permanent dementia due to a decrease in brain cell volume. This causes the neurotransmitter to deteriorate permanently because of the number of brain cells that control memory. Thoughts and behaviors are decreasing. There may be different causes, such as

  1. degeneration of the brain due to thicker blood vessels, narrowing, or clotting that the blood cannot feed to the brain, causes brain atrophy or death.
  2. Brain infections.
  3. caused by malnutrition such as vitamin B.
  4. It is caused by a constant concussion, such as a boxer.
  5. Hereditary also increases the likelihood of Alzheimer.

So as long as people have time to prepare. There is a chance to prevent it, so take care of yourself. In particular, the essential nutrients that nourish the nerves and the brain should not be deficient are vitamins B1 and B12. It is found in rice bran, soybean, dried bean paste, egg yolk, milk, leafy vegetables such as vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, It protects against brain damage. Besides, some fatty acids are also useful for nourishing the brain, found in salmon. Sardines, omega 6 in pumpkin seeds, etc.

In addition, exercise should be exercised regularly, as it will help the blood flow and stimulate brain cells to perform well effectively, people who exercise regularly are less likely to have dementia. And likewise, smokers, drinkers, brain cells will deteriorate faster than people who don’t consume them.

These simple choices of good diets and brain exercises are all useful to keep the brain in practice.

It’s important to keep in mind that Alzheimer’s is permanent dementia, so prevention, in many ways, should be an alternative to a good quality of life. When you get older.

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