Prevention of senile dementia. Let’s exercise the brain to make the elderly far from Alzheimer’s disease.

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Scientists have found that seniors over 60 years of age risk dementia. Suggesting screening for Alzheimer’s disease and make brain exercise to keep away far from Alzheimer’s disease.

The Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) has announced that September 21st of every year is World Alzheimer’s Day. Alzheimer’s disease is the number one cause of senile dementia in the elderly. Approximately 68 seconds will increase 1 Alzheimer’s disease patient in the world. The research has shown that 10 percent of older people aged 60 and over have dementia. It can be seen that this disease is a growing problem.

Especially around the world who is stepping into an aging society. Make it more likely to be found this decease. When a family member has dementia, it is a big deal. Because this disease cannot be cured. Taking care of patients is not an easy task, it is necessary to have knowledge and understanding. To provide patients with appropriate care And have a good quality of life.

The care for the elderly with dementia is a significant burden for the caregivers. That requires constant care and all the time, especially as time goes on the burden of care is even greater. Due to the increasing deterioration of the brain and when children have to work outside, leaving the elderly to stay at home alone, it can cause sudden injury, which can lead to bed addiction. Therefore, when the elderly Have symptoms that are suspected of dementia, should immediately take the elderly to see a doctor To be treated by a medical specialist.

Besides, Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative condition that is not only related to memory. It also includes changes in thinking, decisions, and behaviors Which is common in the elderly But not always a normal condition found in the elderly Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, 50-70 percent. Patients will forget, don’t remember the recently spoken matter, and forget it. Like to tell the same story over and over, wandering the direction, cannot solve simple problems, mood, and behavior change. The cause is the death of brain cells, which causes brain function deterioration until affecting the daily activities of patients. Stress is one of the causes that directly destroys the brain and accelerate the brain dementia faster, for other important risk factors are improper lifestyle, behaviors such as smoking, drinking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, lack of exercise, and heredity.

Brain exercise is very important because the brain controls parts of the body, so it’s better to exercise the brain to make it can work fast, think fast, have a good memory, and also against Alzheimer’s.
Brain exercise also known as Neurobics Exercise is an exercise that helps slow down the degeneration of the brain. Because when the brain receives exercise training often, it will release substances called Neurotrophins, which is like a “brain food” that connects the nerve cells to work better. Therefore is an important part of the cell’s growth and strong brain cells. Because the brain is like a muscle which if stimulated, It will help all 5 senses (Sensory Organs), including hearing, seeing, smell, taste, and touch, including the sixth part, is Emotional Sense to work more closely. Which we can easily start from our daily lives as follows.

  1. Switch activities that you regularly do, such as from a shower before eating, then changing to eating before showering. Make the brain use energy to do new things.
  2. Change new travel methods. Because of the surroundings of the new route will help stimulate the brain to create a new route map and to increase the function of the brain more than usual as well.
  3. Close the eyes. Do activities such as closed eyes, take a shower, watch TV with close eyes to change the habit of receiving information from the same senses.
  4. Try to walk backward for the brain to recognize not being monotonous.
  5. Change the position of an item on the desk to create new images that the brain is not familiar with, it will help increase the activity of the brain to learn more.
  6. Countdown, to stimulate both sides of the brain to work better.
  7. Find fun activities to develop both right and left brain development.

Brain exercise can be done immediately. Without having to wait for the age. Because the more often you do, it reduces the risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

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