Sarcopenia in the elderly.

Sarcopenia, Elderly Exercise
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Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass and muscle strength. Which is a leading cause of muscle mass loss, commonly found in the elderly. The mechanisms which related to the occurrence of low muscle mass are many things, including:

• Responding to exercise to build muscle as we age.
• Reduced hormone.
• Protein production, Protein breakdown.
• Nervous system function.
• Fat in muscles.
• Malnutrition, especially protein.
• Inflammatory reactions.

For current treatment guidelines, it consists of treatment without medication and medication. As the evidence of the benefits of using the drug is not enough. Treatment without drugs is the most necessary thing. Especially exercise, receiving nutrition therapy in the elderly, and behavioral change that is a risk factor, such as drinking alcohol, smoking, etc., in addition to being used in treatment and rehabilitation. It also helps to prevent the occurrence of low muscle mass.

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