Sleep problems in the elderly.

Sleep problems in the elderly.

Sleep is one of the most important relaxations. But according to the study, there are up to 50% of older people experiencing insomnia, as well as snoring and sleep apnea 2-10%. It is considered an important health problem and should be understood.

As people get older, The body will have to change as well. Anything that’s ever been so strong will gradually deteriorate. Sleep also changes with age. In fact, sleep in older people is important. Insufficient sleep can cause a lot of problems.

Sleep is physical and mental rest. Because while sleeping, the body returns to balance such as heart rhythm and pulse. Includes hormones that are secreted regularly. Psychologically, it was found that while sleeping, the brain collects everyday information to store memories, it’s let the mental state relax and let the body solve the problem. It is also a time when the body is used to rest the mind.

In case of insufficient sleep, it can cause you to feel tired, inefficient in various activities, decreased memory, the brain is stubborn, it’s hard to think about or slow down, Affects work or lifestyle. In addition, in the psychological aspects. Insomnia can also cause anxiety. It is also a fundamental problem with depression in the elderly.

Causes of insomnia It is generally caused by anxiety problems. For example, changes in life, job changes, job migration, and other causes that make you feel worried. This can affect sleep. In addition, age is another important factor. It was found that in older people, insomnia is more common than other ages.

Causes of insomnia in the elderly include deteriorating body function, lower estrogen levels, diseases that interfere with sleep, and taking certain medications or supplements. This makes deep sleep or the rest of the elderly less common than young people. However, if in any elderly person with anxiety, it can result in more serious insomnia.

In terms of waking up in the middle of the night, the elderly, including most people. There’s anxiety or panic because they think it’s unusual. But in reality, If you are awake in the middle of the night and can continue to sleep. It’s not a concern and it doesn’t affect the quality of sleep.

Treatment of insomnia problems in the elderly Let’s start with whether people in trouble are anxious. If so, let’s take care of that. Without anxiety, it is possible to finally sleep. For those who don’t have anxiety.

There may be a disorder that interferes with sleep. This should be taken care of at the disease. But in some elderly people, there is an anxiety of insomnia, should make the elderly to relax before bedtime, may listen to easy listening music or meditate. As well as doing other activities to relax and go to bed, you can sleep well.

Do not order or force yourself to sleep, as it will cause more stress, And this results in insomnia. In addition, the best thing to do is to control the duration of sleep. Waking up and sleeping on time every day will solve the problem in the long term.

There are 2 cycles of sleep in normal people: 1.Cycle related to dreaming. 2. The cycle begins to sleep until fell asleep. On one night, the two cycles will continue to work alternately throughout the night. When people was a kid, the second cycle is particularly special, so it makes it easy for the children to fall asleep, and sleep quite deeply.

As you get older, the second cycle gradually decreases. As you get older, you can fall asleep at each stage for a short time and wake up. that is you’re going to wake up quite often and it takes some time to sleep again. The symptoms are more common in men than in women. But the dream cycle is still the same. However, during each sleep period, older people have a shorter ability to fall asleep, and that doesn’t mean that older people have fewer sleep needs.

Problems in the sleep of elderly people who have difficulty falling asleep, not deep sleep, and easy to wake up. If you have diseases such as heart disease, lung disease, Joint diseases, dementia, etc., are also found to be of no emotion. Depressed, discouraged, no mind to do anything. Reduced concentration and memory, eating is also decreasing. Sometimes, if you have a lot of symptoms, there may be a feeling of not wanting to live.

If you sleep poorly at night or have a very often sleepy feeling during the day, See your doctor for advice and find out why to continue treatment.

Treatment is done by finding the following reasons: One by one, you can do it all:

  1. Wake up on time every day.
  2. Go to bed only when feeling lethargic.
  3. Have a relaxing activity before bed includes a warm bath, a light meal before bed, or a 10-minute reading.
  4. Moderate regular exercise that does not overdo before going to bed for 6 hours or in the late afternoon.
  5. Avoid drinking coffee or caffeinated tea within 6 hours before going to bed.
  6. Do not drink or smoke before bedtime.
  7. Try to make a certain period of routine, such as eating, working to help the system of sleep time in the bodywork smoothly
  8. If you want to take a nap, it should be made for a regular time every day. No more than 1 hour in the afternoon
  9. Do not take sleeping pills without consulting a doctor.
  10. Do not use sleeping pills in combination with booze.

For the use of sleeping pills is an alternative to treatment, but should be under the supervision of a doctor. Doctors generally don’t use the drug to treat it, but they will be treated in other ways first. Unless the patient needs to be treated as soon as possible. Therefore, the doctor will take medication to treat insomnia.

In addition, some patients may have their own drug buying habits, possibly medications that are easy to find at pharmacies. For example, a snot reducer that helps you sleep, but it’s not recommended because it can have a side effect.

The recommended foods to make the elderly sleep easier and to nourish the brain and help the elderly sleep well.

  1. Nutrients with high magnesium such as almond milk or banana. However, eat a small amount of such fruit because of the disadvantages of bananas. Even with magnesium, but at the same time, it has high fiber. Therefore, the elderly eat too much, they can often develop bloating. It is recommended to drink almond milk.
  2. The proper consumption of foods containing carbohydrates and fats. Notice that before bedtime, the elderly eat a lot of fatty foods or have a lot of flour (eat a lot of rice or bread). It’s going to make the stomach work quite hard. That’s one of the reasons for insomnia. And there may be acid reflux problems as well. Therefore, it is necessary to eat 200cc. of warm milk before bedtime.
  3. A group of nutrients that make the elderly sleep well is a group of drinks that make it relaxing. Such as chamomile tea or chrysanthemum tea. However, it is important to note that if you drink chrysanthemum tea, you must not add sugar. Due to the sweetness of sugar, it will eventually make you feel awake and insomnia.

In terms of environmental adjustment to increase sleep for the elderly, it is important, experts recommend that

  1. Choose a good quality mattress. Helps breathe and support the body’s physique. It also makes the elderly sleep well without back pain and knee pain, cramping while sleeping.
  2. The temperature in the bedroom must not be cold and not too hot. Because of the air conditioner is turned on, the air conditioner will cool, it will cause the elderly to suffer frequent urination.
  3. Sleeping while the air conditioner is turned on will dry the skin and may stimulate allergies in older people. Therefore, find a glass of water in the headboard to prevent thirst, as well as dry skin, which will improve sleep.
  4. The elderly should sleep in a completely dark room and there is no noise. Importantly, before going to bed, don’t watch movies with action scenes. It can make you feel awake and difficult to sleep.

How to determine what level of symptoms should be seen by a doctor to determine whether it affects your life, If insomnia begins to affect life for about a week, treatment should be given.

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