The elderly who want to join the running festival must know to prepare the body.

Elderly running

Trends in running for health are hot. Therefore making young people or even the elderly to exercise by running more.

But because the physical characteristics of the elderly are quite limited, therefore, if the elderly want to start to run for general health or begin to run for charity, to have fun with friends of the same age or even with children, there is information from running expert on the physical preparation of elderly people before exercise by running as follows.

  1. Must check the body is suitable for running.
    Which methods of observing yourself suitable for running are as follows
  • Must check if you are too fat or not. Because people with such physical conditions may have to support excess weight. Which can affect various bone joints, which may cause joint pain after running.
  • Must check how well you can walk normally, if walking aggressively this will make running a breeze. In short, you can work out with running. Because if you can walk normally You can run or choose to strengthen your body with running for the best health.

For the elderly who want to enjoy running events and would like to have fun with grandchildren or young people, you can go but if going to run on the racetrack, be more prepared, such as walking or running 2 times a week, may have to add at least 3 times a week and alternating walking and jogging Then change to jog more and should walk less even more healthy and run better but don’t have to run too fast.

  1. “Warm-up posture” of the elderly.
    Whether regular exercise or exercise for competition, The elderly must be warmed up, such as waking up in the morning. The warm-up part is to start from the top point, the head and down to the bottom, eyes, neck, shoulders, arms, body, face, legs, even to the toes.

However, the warm-up postures include swaying, swinging the arms, turning the neck, swinging legs one by one. After that, the elderly should try to run gently. To make the pulse work more until the pulse beats from 60 to 70 bpm (Beat per minute), then rest for a moment (about 10 minutes) before actually running, it will make running more convenient. After finishing the run, then come back to exercise “Cooldown posture” or stretching to let the body return to its original state. In this case, the “cooldown” is done from the bottom to the top because when we run, the blood tends to flow down. By practicing various stretching postures from lifting the legs, lifting the shoulders, turning the neck, for example, because that is relaxing all the muscles both for the front and back of the body.

For drinking water after running, There is suggested to start by siping water slowly, slowly sip, then slowly swallow, especially if drinking cold water at about 20 degrees, while the body of the elderly after running will be about 40 degrees, the sipping more slowly, so the body can adjust the balance in time.

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