The risk of depression in the elderly

The risk of depression in the elderly

Depression is a psychiatric disorder caused by a disorder of the brain chemical Serotonin, which is reduced in quantity. This causes the patients to have physical, and mental illnesses. The patients often feel discouraged, lonely, boredom, do not enjoy life, insomnia, startled in the night. Frequent nightmares, As a result, the ability to study and work decreased. The cause of depression can be caused by a number of factors. Both from heredity development of the mind and the environment faced.

Such as experiencing severe stress, chronic illness, and being discouraged, experience the loss of life such as separation from parents, childhood loss of family, loss of work, financial problems. Problems of relationships with close people. And if they are faced with those events or feelings frequently, they may trigger depression. This includes biological factors such as changes in the levels of certain brain chemicals. It may result in depression as well.

Depression in the elderly is more dangerous than you think.
Sad mood or depression in the elderly (Late-life depression) is a depression that occurs in the elderly over the age of 60 years, divided into two types: depression that precedes the elderly. And born during the age of the elderly.

Depression in older adults is found in 10-20% of the population and is predominantly female than men. Especially those who are divorced Alone or the loss of a loved one Will be at increased risk for this condition.

Studies have shown that suicide success among elderly people with depression is greater than that of other elderly patients. Depression in people aged 60 years and over is 10-20% more common in women than men. And older The risk is even greater.

Depression in women.
Women are approximately twice as likely to suffer from depression and are believed to be caused by changes in hormone levels, such as menstruation, pregnancy, miscarriages, postpartum age, menopause, etc. In addition, women in today’s society may also be born with the stress of being responsible for their children. Household chores and full-time jobs, Therefore, we need to understand women and regularly help relieve the burden of household chores.

Depression in men.
Although depression in men is less common than in women, the suicide rate is higher than in women. Most of the depression in men is caused by physical ailments such as heart disease and cancer. People with depression often use drugs and alcohol as problem solutions. Patients often do not express feelings of hopelessness or discouragement, often not telling anyone. But expresses in a way that is easily irritated. Therefore, it is difficult to diagnose this disease. Even though they know they have depression, Patients often refuse treatment.

Depression in the elderly
People often understand that depression is commonplace for older people, so they often ignore it, making them more suffering. Depression in the elderly is something that can be avoided or prevented. If the elderly have prepared both physically and mentally before entering the elderly, or know important guidelines to avoid or prevent and know how to take care of yourself when you are in depression, For example, an elderly person who has previously worked must retire to stay home may cause boredom and lonely.

Therefore, you should plan your own life before retirement. By telling family members what they want to do, How do you want to live? So that the elderly can live a life with value, happiness, and good quality of life.

Depression in the elderly is often expressed Not very frankly or not clear. It has since a little sad, bad mood to very severe until suffering from a disease or having psychiatric symptoms. Therefore, if a patient goes to a doctor in a very serious stage, have psychological hallucinations, or even thinking about suicide.

The diagnosis is not difficult. But the elderly group who had depression but did not show may have only a broken heart, decreased ability to live, most of which cannot be clearly observed. will be abandoned until it becomes dangerous in the end.

Warning symptoms of depression in the elderly include:

  • Emotional state changes, as usual, being in a good mood becomes easily irritated. Less rational More complaining Or decreased interest in things that were previously enjoyed
  • Felt that they are worthless, tired of living, do not want to participate in activities, speak less, do not take care of themselves, do not take medicine, anorexia, weight loss.
  • Abnormal sleep problems, insomnia, or waking up in the middle of the night.
  • Often have poor memory and hyperactivity.
  • There is a feeling of not wanting to live Or want to hurt themself.
  • Tired, without energy, doing slow things, aches, fatigue without any cause.

Depression in children
Children can suffer from depression like adults. Most of them will act like pretending to be sick, not going to school. Worried that parents will die. As for older children, they will remain silent and not speak. There are often problems at school, pessimism, but because the child’s behavior fluctuates, the diagnosis is difficult. If the parent or teacher finds that the child’s behavior has changed. It is wise to consult a pediatrician to consult a specialist doctor to determine treatment.

From the foregoing, Whether it is female or male, children or adults can also get this disease. Therefore, we should learn about life. That we must face both suffering and happiness in our lives. We should adapt, Be aware of your own emotions and changes. If any abnormalities must be treated In order to lead a normal life.

Causes of depression.
Depression can be caused by psychiatric disorders such as major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, which is primarily caused by neurotransmitters in the brain.

Patients with this group should consult a psychiatrist. Because there may be other psychiatric symptoms and complications, the depression in the elderly who are not directly psychiatric disease is often caused by physical, mental, and social stimuli.

How to treat depression
If the cause is directly from psychiatric conditions Must consult a psychiatric doctor for treatment By using psychiatric drugs to control. If it’s a physical or psychosocial cause must be fixed at the point, may require the adjustment of the people around Giving more understanding and taking care of patients.

In some cases with severe symptoms, such as weight loss, insomnia, and suicidal thoughts. Your doctor may also consider medication by starting to use a mild antidepressant first, which doesn’t need to be taken forever. Can reduce the drug until you may not need to use the drug. Therefore, treatment should be followed continuously.

How to treat the elderly with depression.
When the depression is cured Patients may return. The recurrence rate of depression in the elderly is quite high. If relatives or carers Can control the triggering factors Patients will not have many relapses. A close person should take care of the sick as follows:

  • Giving care and understanding of the patient’s feelings by talking and listening to each other more
  • Keep sharp objects, weapons, or poisons in the house out of the patient’s hand
  • Do not leave the patient alone, There should always be someone to take care of it.
  • Should not reduce or increase the drug by yourself.
  • Come to see the doctor regularly.

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